The founder’s story

In 2004 Barbara Blalock was working for the Valley of the Sun YMCA as their Senior Regional Preschool Director. Her position was primarily designed to accredit the 13 YMCA preschools through The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The challenge she faced was the fact that the preschools did not have the funds to purchase some of the needed items to meet the requirements of the NAEYC accreditation standards; items such as binders, desk trays, markers, staplers, tape dispensers and other expensive office supplies.

Barbara contacted Intel and asked if they had surplus office supplies that they would consider donating to the YMCA preschool programs. Intel generously began donating from their “Dump Your Junk” quarterly event. Barbara would gather these supplies, store them in her garage and go to each preschool and disperse the supplies.

It wasn’t long before other companies started donating. Motorola, The NFL and Goodrich jumped on board to donate their surplus supplies as they went paperless, downsized or closed offices.

Barbara’s garage was bursting at the seams so she decided it was time to make her dream come true of providing a “Reusable Resource Center” for teachers in Arizona called Treasures 4 Teachers.

In 2010 Treasures 4 Teachers had grown from the size of a 2 car garage to a 10,000 square foot warehouse full of resources for teachers. Unfortunately, just a year later during a bad monsoon season, the roof collapsed leaving the future of T4T uncertain. Reaching out to the communities and businesses that had helped to make Treasures 4 Teachers what it was, Barbara was able to move the organization to a 5,000 square foot space and continue on. In a short period of time the organization quickly outgrew the 5,000 square foot space and is now located in a large 12,000 square foot space filled with resources for teachers generously donated by individuals and businesses across the Valley. Barbara’s vision is to have several Treasures 4 Teachers across the state and eventually the country, in order to support as many educators as possible.

teamwork makes the dream work

  • Barbara Blalock

    Barbara Blalock
    Founder/Executive Director

  • Bristol Anderson & Zelda

    Bristol Anderson & Zelda
    Administrative Assistant

  • Sue Dysinger

    Sue Dysinger
    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Krystal Inman

    Krystal Inman
    Membership Coordinator

  • Poonam Rathi

    Poonam Rathi

  • Ryan Fox

    Ryan Fox

  • Geoff Gadek

    Geoff Gadek

  • Rachel Chalk

    Rachel Chalk
     Organization Coordinator

  • Patrick Rosney

    Patrick Rosney
    Online Fundraising

  • Char Caron

    Char Caron
    Online Fundraising

  • Charity Nez

    Charity Nez
    Online Fundraising

  • Saundra Salotti

    Saundra Salotti
    Warehouse Coordinator

  • Joe Hemlick

    Joe Hemlick
    Transportation Specialist

and our team of dedicated volunteers!

Board of Directors

  • Barbara Blalock

    Barbara Blalock
    Founder/Executive Director

  • John Kelly

    John Kelly
    Board Chair

    Principal, Triadvocates, LLC
  • Bonnie-Jeane Miller

    Bonnie-Jeane Miller

    Marketing & Data Analytics
  • Jill Maruca

    Jill Maruca

    Community Engagement, CopperPoint Insurance Companies
  • Jonathan Levine

    Jonathan Levine
    Board Member

    Arizona Department of Economic Security
  • Al Nelson

    Al Nelson
    Board Member

    Retired, Target Stores
  • Kelly Hauert

    Kelly Hauert
    Board Member

    Arizona Public Service Company, Regulatory
  • Chris Janick

    Chris Janick
    Board Member

    SRP, Director Electric Reliability Compliance
  • Suzanne D. Nelson

    Suzanne D. Nelson
    Board Member

    Desert Lily Solutions, LLC
  • Elisa Mongeluzzi

    Elisa Mongeluzzi
    Board Member

    Early Childhood Community Advocate
  • Karen Nowicki

    Karen Nowicki
    Board Member

  • Sue Diaz

    Sue Diaz
    Advisory Board Member

    Community Volunteer
  • Kristin Marshall

    Kristin Marshall
    Advisory Board Member

    Retired, Intel
  • Louise Bunker

    Louise Bunker
    Advisory Board Member

    STEM Teacher, Cocopah Middle School
  • Diana S. Dean-Spurgeon

    Diana S. Dean-Spurgeon
    Advisory Board Member

    Retired Director of Professional Liability Underwriting
  • Nancy Blevins

    Nancy Blevins
    Advisory Board Member

    SRP Safety Services Manager